NEWS 2013

>>Triple Threat Pictures<<, Jessica's own production company, is official off the ground! Keeping her busy
with an array of commercials, short films, development, online content, and music productions, we're glad
to announce a handful of awards already rolled in — a wonderful motivation to keep going. Please find
more information about TTP here.

More great news! The spec-commercial Jessica played the lead in just won 4th prize at the MoFilm
>>Cannes competition<<. The spot was chosen by Telefonica and might be used for online marketing.
Watch the TUMe commercial here.

Jessica was chosen by Generation Maze, an LA rock band, to direct their first music video >>Ecstasy<<.
The project was developed, cast and shot over the course of three months and took all of Jessica's time.
It's a great concept! We can't wait to show you. Find the best pictures from set on the FB page.

Wohoo! The spec-commercial Jessica line-produced for >>Chevy<< has won the competition! The project
will premiere at the prestigious
SXSW film festival next week. Thank you so much to everyone involved,
guys. This is phenomenal!

Meanwhile things are heating up at my production company Triple Threat Pictures and we have a finished
teaser script for >>Wild Kat<< (see more info below). We can't wait to start the casting process soon.
It's a crazy feeling — having developed these characters for over two years now...

  First event of the month was an exciting photo shooting with Germany's top photographer
  >>Guido Karp<<. Shot at the beautiful shores of malibu, it became a beautiful day and
  ended in a breathtaking sunset. Will post pictures soon!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a fantastic time with your family and loved ones.

2013 has started with the official premiere of >>Grey Sheep<< at the prestigious Max Ophuels film
festival in Saarbruecken, Germany. The independent comedy gained great reviews and Jessica plays
Nova—the free-spirited wife of Jonathan and the loving force behind reuniting him with his estranged
brother. Watch the official trailer on YouTube!

  Creativity has many outlets. I'm sure you also know of Jessica's love for music,
  so she co-produced her husband's rock album >>Portal 1<<. The time nears to its
  completion and it'll go into print by february. If you'd like to know more about
  Generation Maze, look at pics from our latest concerts or come to one of our shows,
  visit for more info.


NEWS 2012

Jessica took time off from acting to focus on her scripts! The results are a finished pilot script, series bible
and business plan for >>Wild Kat<<. The 22-minute comedic TV show will be pitched to networks and is
currently in the funding phase to shoot the pilot. More info can be found on Jessica's company website

Time to celebrate, my friends! My short film >>A Child<< (info below) just won the
Award of Merit at the Accolade competition. We're very excited here at Triple Threat Pictures and are
having a heated debate whether or not to order the pretty gold statue.

The European 3D documentary >>Sisi - the whole truth<< just launched the official website. The film
will hit theatres oct 12th. Jessica plays the young empress of Austria who gained iconic status
through her strong will, independence and beauty. Please find the trailer and Images here.


My <<Acting Reel 2012>> is up, guys!! Check it out at Acting Reel 2012.

My short film <<A Child>> is completed and sent to festivals! Will keep you in the loop. It's about a
little boy who causes a stir when he announces he's dead - making his alarmed mother take him to
a series of experts to fix him.
Yes, it's a Comedy. Here's A Child on YouTube!


We finished the next demo reel scene <<In the Dark>> which is an exempt from a possible thriller.
What a great opportunity to learn about after effects and scoring. Thank you Amanda Poryes for
letting me seduce you "Russian style" and Sean Fitzgerald & John MacDonald for filming!

End of last year we decided to dedicate our time to boosting our Acting reels and took it upon
us to write, direct, and shoot scenes specifically designed for this purpose. Based on a drama
treatment Jessica had laying around, we named the scene we shot this month


  Happy New Year everyone! What a great start as I already had the opportunity to go back
  to th
e 50's in the latest <<Neon Trees>> music video to 'Everybody talks'. It's a fun song
  and the video, again, has gotten a bunch of hits—13 Mio. by date. Spot me in the Pink
  Cadillac here!


NEWS 2011

  Brandnew pictures from the photoshooting with <<Isaac Oboka>> (
are up! Please find them on Jessica's Facebook Fanpage here.

 The narrative music video to Apparat's song <<Song of Los<< got released! Jessica
  plays a scientist who builds a robot but loses him through her possessiveness. The
  controversial video created so much steam, it has garnered over 230,000 views. Not bad
  for a small electronic band! We're very excited.
Experience the crazy ride here.

Focused on writing the feature film script <<Genre>> (WT) with Zach Copeland and first marketing
of the script <<Crosscuts>> (by Jessica Franz & Claus Voelker). The action thriller tells the story
of a cold case, attracting new attention through the aftermath of an intricate heist. More here.
The wait is over! EA Games finally released their new game >>Mass effect 3<< which promises
even more realistic, exciting and breathtaking effects! Watch Jessica as the German newscaster
in the official teaser

The >>IBM commercial<< for its 100th anniversary is up! Watch it at
IBM 100x100. Spot 
Jessica at minute 09:13.

Hear the true story of how Jessica met her husband in the new, romantic >> Train<< music video.
They talk about it on the sofa in the beginning. The video has almost hit it's 20 Mio. mark. Wohoo!
Here's the official video to Marry me.